Capsule Hotel that contains only one person

This is a cost friendly hotel for those that don’t like too much space, this might suit you

The ‘Capsule Hotel’ offers you a bed for the night for the equivalent of $10 (£6.40) – but that’s about all you do get.

The tiny rooms are the width and length of a single bed, with 26 capsules stacked into two rows at the space-saving hotel.

Although space is well and truly at a premium, guests do get WiFi, a flatscreen TV and a foldable table

I don’t think I’d love it cos I love space.. *Grinning*

There is also a ventilating fan in each capsule for moments when it gets a little too claustrophobic.

The first capsule hotel is thought to have appeared in Japan in the late 1970s, as a cheap alternative for businessmen who had missed the last train home.

Its Parker baby
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