Worlds Biggest collection of Toilet Art (Toilet Musuem)

Now this is one you will all catch funny… Who works on toilet sit but somewhere he has cultivated art out of toilet seats

Retired plumber Barney Smith is sitting pretty on a bizarre record – after building the world’s largest collection of toilet seats.

Barney, 91, has been collecting the unusual items for more than 40 years, and puts his artistic touch on every seat he collects.

Barney displays his 1,100 seat collection in his garage, which doubles as a museum in San Antonio, Texas.

He takes the wooden toilet seats, which over the years he has had easy access to due to his job in plumbing, and decorates them with anything from photos, paint and even car registration plates.

Some of his seats feature hand-painted designs by Barney, while others are decorated with native American arrowheads and other nik naks.

Barney’s collection began after he was searching for a base to display a set of deer’s antlers at his home in San Antonio.

He found that an old toilet seat offered the right dimensions and provided a good base on which to mount the antlers.

After 20 years of keeping his collection private, Barney finally opened the doors to his impressive collection in 1992.

He said: ‘On August 9 I opened up my doors, I got a guest book and I said, ‘well, the world needs to see my collection.

‘The museum is open on an appointment-only basis, and I’ll show anyone who wants to see it.’

‘Many of the 1,000 yearly visitors ask Barney about his inspiration. I tell them I just want to show the world that nothing needs to be thrown away.’

Barney said ‘My collection represents the stories of my life and those who surround me.’

Barney’s grandson Kristopher Livermore has set up a Facebook page for Barney’s Museum which is full of tributes to the owner, and his impressive collection.

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