Welcome to iSchool where Students ditch pens for iPads in the Netherlands

No pens and paper are used at the ‘Steve Jobs’ school – just iPads. Although the education system provides tailor-made curriculum which encourages independence, students will also be able to connect with their classmates by Facebook and Skype to work on group projects

Other pictures show a teacher looking over the shoulder of two students as she explains a maths problem. Seven schools in six cities in the Netherlands have opened as ‘iPad only’ institutions, designed to to give students an interactive, independent and tailored education

All lessons and exercises are conducted with the iPad by specially designed apps. A teacher is merely a ‘coach’ during physical and virtual lessons. Because the curriculum is available at all hours of the day and days of the week on the iPad, parents can determine how often their child comes into school and when to take holidays.

The purpose of the schools is to equip young students with skills required for the 21st century, such as programming and problem solving. The seven schools are run by a private company ‘Education for a New Era’, which draw inspiration from Steve Jobs’ creation the iPad.

Imagine a school like dis in Nigeria, please let’s talk about what you think would go on in that school?

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