Daniel Ikehina (Jack Bauer) catches a near death flight to lagos

Daniel Ikehina happened to beat airline and airport security at the Benin airport yesterday August 24th and sneaked into the tyre compartment of a Lagos-bound Arik flight. The boy flew safely with the aircraft which left Benin around 9am today and landed at Murtala Muhammed airport, hidden throughout in the undercarriage. He immediately apprehended by airport security after passengers saw him emerging from the aircraft tyre hole.

Now tell me, will he not make a good secret agent?

Please share your views and let’s know why with all the security at an airport, he was not stopped?

This begs for a whole lot of questions.

1. How do we know there is any security at all?

2. If there is, were they sleeping on duty?

3. Who answers for this?

4. If he had died, it would have turned out to be an international situation?

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2 thoughts on “Daniel Ikehina (Jack Bauer) catches a near death flight to lagos

  1. Amidst all negativities, I think FGN should respond to the embedded potentials in this seemingly Jack Bauer guy. I see him as a seasoned pilot as well as notorious terrorist it all depends on FGN response to his potentials.


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