Stolen and Returned with a Letter of Apology

Shocking but true

A cyclist was stunned when her stolen bike was returned to her – with a handwritten apology.

Nurse Eileen Remedios, 55, was dismayed when her bicycle was stolen during a visit to a patient’s home.

She thought she’d try her luck by writing a note pleading for its safe return and sticking it onto a lamppost near to where it had been taken.

Eileen, from Brighton, wrote: “Please return my bike. It is old but loved and will be frightened without its owner.”

To her surprise, the next day Eileen found a regretful apology from the reformed thief under the mat of the home she had visited.

Two keys were stuffed inside a card and her bike was attached to a nearby lamppost – with a brand-new lock.

The message read: “A great big fat…SORRY! From The Reformed Bike Thief! (I didn’t mistreat it).”

Baffled Eileen, of Brighton, East Sussex, said: “It really has restored my faith in humanity.

“I was feeling quite cross. I thought why would someone want to take my old bike? I thought maybe someone was drunk and had borrowed it.

“But I never imagined that someone would bring it back.”

The correspondence did not end there – Eileen wrote another letter which read: “To the sweet bike borrower. Thanks for returning my bike. She had a nice time but is delighted to be back with me.”

She added: “The bike hasn’t got much value but it was given to me by an old friend and gets me from A to B.”

“It was a real inconvenience when it disappeared. Everyone can relate to having a bike stolen, it’s gutting.

“The note certainly worked and I wanted to share a good story with a nice ending.

“Who am I to question why, but I am delighted to have my old blue bike back with me.”

I wish all Nigerians would have this kind of heart. Imagine how many Billions would be returned to the Country.

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