Emergency Hotlines

Hello Folks,

I decided to do this post after the hot lines touched me.

Here is a list of hot lines to call whenever you are in trouble.

When in Sorrow………………. Call John14
When you have Sinned……. Call Psalm51
When you Worry……………… Call Matt6:19-34
When you are in Danger….. Call Psalm91
When your faith needs stirring. Call Hebrew11
When you are Down & Out. Call Romans8:31
When you need Peace & Rest. Call Matt11:25-30
When the World seems bigger than God. Call Psalm90
If your pockets are empty… Call Psalm37
If you are depressed……….. Call Psalm27
If people seem Unkind…….. Call John15
When you are lonely & fearful. Call Psalm23
When you Grow Bitter & Critical. Call 1Corin13
For how to get along with other men. Call Romans12

Why don’t you try one of the lines, trust me they do come in handy.

Its Parker baby
BBM: 275B9C0D
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