New Music: Oceans11 – Ojuotulagi

Since there kick off in 2010, De Oceans have done considerably well for them selves with ujoatulagi enjoying Massive airplay in many radio stations across the country.

As I speak to you, the remix of Ujoatulagi is been cooked in the studio and Its going to be featuring Hiphop heavy weight Phyno but until then let’s get familiar with these.

There is a saying that to every greatness lies a story and the way to success is usually bedeviled with Uncertainties and fear of the Unknown, such is the story of every youth out there(On the street) aspiring to be one thing or the other.

Ujoatulagi(Don’t fear) is dedicated to all the ghetto youth struggling to make ends meat, surrounded by the negative forces of nature, fake friends and back baiters yet you want to stand tall and sow through the sky?…… Here is a message of Consolation for you from De Oceans.

Drive me crazy is a catchy Hiphop/Rnb tune

I bet you will not get tired of playing.

Untagged Direct Download Link: Ujoatulagi

Drive me Crazy

Listen Up.


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