Parkers Route (Maiden Edition)

Hello folks,

This is a version of what my journey meeting new people is like. It is a story into the friends I meet in every aspect of life.

I talk about the lucky person and I rate the person over 10.

Chapter 1 of the Maiden Season starts with a girl I met today.

Name: Vivian
Work: Student
Skool: Ivan Ikoku

She claimed to be undercover working for me. Hmmmm.. I never knew I had a bodygaurd. She was fun but scared of ma persona.. *Grins*… Haha…

Well she got some smile.. Cool… Guess that’s the last time I’ll see her as we did not exchange contacts *Bad habit I have*, not ma fault… Ma phonebook is *Fool* Full…

I do hope to meet better.. So I’m rating Vivian a 6/10.

Its Parker baby
BBM: 275B9C0D
twitter :


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