Odd: Europe’s steepest cliff passenger train with no seatbelts

This stomach-turning slope is part of Europe’s steepest funicular 6,000 FEET above sea level – and has no seat belts.

With a gradient of 106 per cent, the stomach-turning Gerlmerbahn cliff railway in Switzerland is not for the faint-hearted.

Open carriages take 24 passengers up the steep cliff face from Handegg, in Hasli Valley, Bern, on a picturesque but petrifying 12-minute ride.

And as these breathtaking pictures show, passengers on the perilous funicular have nothing more than a metal bar to grip onto during the invigorating journey.

Swiss photographer Monika Fluckiger, who took the images of the vertigo-inducing ride, said: ‘I know the funicular looks dangerous but it’s not. Having said that those looking for an adrenaline shot will definitely get one here.

‘Strangely though it’s not very famous, many of my friends and colleagues don’t even know about.

‘The children pictured here weren’t scared but they were certainly adrenalized.’

The Gelmerbahn funicular was built in 1926 to help with the construction of the Lake Gelmer dam.

It was converted into a passenger train in 2001.

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