Photo: Duracell sisters clock 314 years Old

Britain’s oldest sisters were celebrating on Tuesday after clocking a staggering combined age of 314.

Sprightly Hilda Greening, who has just turned 109, Jean Underwood, 106, and Mary Hunt, 99, put their longevity down to good genes and hard work.

The trio – known as the ‘Duracell Sisters’ because of their remarkable energy – have 12 children, 17 grandchildren and more than 30 great-grandchildren between them.

Born to Victorian parents in the early 1900s, before the common use of electric light or gas cookers, they have seen off 19 Prime Ministers, five Monarchs and two World Wars.

Hilda celebrated her 109th birthday at The Grange Nursing Home in Tewkesbury, Glos., on October 18 with a party for 40 guests.

Jean lives in a residential home in Charmouth, Dorset, and Mary lives in Twyning, Glos.

Hilda’s daughter Mary Skinner, said of her mother: ‘She said she would like to stay alive until her youngest sister is 100 in April. Then all three of them would be over 100.’

That’s a remarkable one… Well their country supports that and my country don’t. Excessive stress…

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