Nigerian Ejiogu Ikechukwu To Die By Lethal Injection In Vietnam

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The news that Nigerian  Ejiogu Benjamin Ikechukwu is currently on the waiting list of Vietnamese execution squad is not new. What is real news is that with recent changes in the law, he would be one of those who fall prey to the nation’s new law  silencing drug dealers  through lethal injection.

The use of  lethal injection to kill criminals only came to effect last August when the first victim was killed through the process.
 According to informed sources, more than 10  Nigerians may have been secretly silenced by  the Vietnamese government for hard drug offenses and other related offenses in the past year.

Vietnam in 2011 suspended public Execution by firing squad  as it has always relied on carrying out capital punishment to deal with all criminals flouting her drug law.
According to sources, the country had a gap of two years from 2011 during which they perfected all plans for the new law on lethal injection and during the time, made efforts to  procure chemicals for lethal injections production.
Only last August, Vietnam executed its first prisoner by the method.

In appeal by to the Federal government of Nigeria to enter into negotiation with the government of Vietnam so that erring Nigerians in the country could be spared of incessant execution was never taken seriously.

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