Accident: Planes Collide In Mid-Air

Two planes carrying skydivers collided in mid-air but all the parachutists were able to jump free with no major injuries reported.

The lead aircraft was reportedly struck by the trailing plane at 12,000ft as the skydivers were preparing to do a formation jump in north-west Wisconsin.

The impact cause a fireball and the first plane was destroyed, breaking into three parts, with debris landing at an airport and a retail area in Superior.

Five skydivers managed to leap out of the plane and the pilot also escaped using an emergency parachute.

Four others in the trailing plane were able to jump free and the pilot landed the damaged aircraft back at Richard I. Bong Airport, where it took off from.

Instructor Mike Robinson told “Just as we climbed out getting ready to leave, the planes collided.

“The trail plane came over the top and hit the lead plane.”

He said the pilot who escaped the destroyed plane “was very lucky to get out” and has been taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Mr Robinson said: “He’s got to get his seatbelt off, he’s got to get out the door and deploy the parachute, which he did an amazing job on.

“The other pilot did an amazing job to land that aircraft.”

Mr Robinson added: “Very lucky for the circumstance that we were all in. We had to avoid the debris in the air of the planes in freefall.

“We could see the burning airplane come apart into at least three pieces.”

Thank God they all survived.

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