Marvin Gaye’s Family sues ‘Blurred Lines’ Composer

Robin Thicke & Pharell

Robin Thicke & Pharell

The Hit song Blurred lines is under scrutiny as the family of Marvin Gaye is suing the Composer.

The family of the late soul singer has sued R&B Artist Robin Thicke and Producer/Singer/Rapper Pharell williams for copyright infringement accusing them of stealing form the late Legends composition.

The suit was filed as a counter-claim to a case brought pre-emptively by Thicke and Williams in August seeking a court ruling to establish that “Blurred Lines” did not infringe on Gaye’s rights to his 1977 hit, “Got to Give it Up,” as members of his family had said publicly.

Thicke sang the raunchy, percussive R&B song, which topped song charts around the world this year and ranked as the biggest U.S. pop hit of the summer, at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards in a provocative performance featuring pop singer Miley Cyrus.

The children of the late soul singer are requesting for damaged of $150,000 per infringements and a share in the revenue of Blurred lines and another song.

I call this being hungry. Why can’t you take up music as a career and sing, let’s see how many people will sue your asses.

Please find something worth doing.

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