UK suspends £3000 Bond

Visa Bond

Visa Bond

I wrote a post some months ago about how tourists from some countries will have to pay 3000 pounds as bonds to ensure they don’t over stay when they visit claiming they were high risk countries.

United Kingdom has suspended its plan to impose the visa bond on first time visitors from Nigeria.

It could not be confirmed if it has also suspended the policy in five other Commonwealth countries considered to be sources of “high risk” tourists to the UK.

The countries, where the country had, in June, proposed to implement the plan starting from November are Nigeria, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

An official, who spoke on condition of anonymity with our correspondent on Friday, said there had been no official communication from the home country on the visa bond which almost generated a diplomatic row between UK on one hand and the affected countries on the other hand.

He said, “We have not received any directive on the visa bond. This is an issue the two countries (Nigeria and UK) have approached through diplomacy.

“The policy cannot be implemented now because there is no official communication on it.”

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