Mother Of 13 Faces Jail Over Fraud



Barbara Fari, who exaggerated an injury to claim £750,000 compensation, has been given a three-month jail sentence.

The sentence given at London’s High Court has been deferred pending any appeal being brought.

But High Court judge Mr Justice Spencer stayed the term – half of which Fari would have to serve before her automatic release – pending any appeal.

If an appeal is not lodged by November 29, discontinued or dismissed, she will have to go to jail.

Lawyers for Homes for Haringey told the judge that Fari, who is 60 on Saturday, lied about how badly she was hurt when she tripped on uneven paving and twisted her right knee in May 2008.

The organisation, which manages council housing in the north London borough, admitted liability and offered her £7,500.

However, she instead chose to pursue a massive claim which was only struck out by a judge in October 2012 after covert video evidence revealed a huge difference between how she presented at medical examinations and when she was out and about near her home in Hornsey.

Last week, Mr Justice Spencer ruled that Fari and her husband, Piper, were both in contempt of court.

Fari was found to have presented a “grossly false” picture of her continuing symptoms to doctors and in legal documents and her husband was found to be complicit in the charade.

Fari’s husband received a two-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.

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