Disaster: International aid comes for typhoon-ravaged Philippines

(Haiyan Typhoon)

(Haiyan Typhoon)

As the number of affected families rises in typhoon-hit areas, international aid steadily pours for the Philippines.

The British Embassy on Sunday said United Kingdom will be sending up to £6 million or about P414 million in additional aid for humanitarian efforts. This tops an earlier aid of £4 million or P276 million set for emergency responses on the Zamboanga violence and Bohol earthquake.

The British aid includes sending out “plastic sheeting, and household items like kitchen sets and blankets from the stockpile of humanitarian items at the UK’s warehouse in Dubai.” United Kingdom will also send several humanitarian experts.

Canada will also be sending around $5 million or P216 million for humanitarian efforts while New Zealand and Australia donated an initial $490,000 or P21 million.

The United States, through Charge d’Affaires (Acting Ambassador) Brian Goldbeck, also vowed to provide $100,000 P4.3 million to “provide health, water, and sanitation efforts” to the victims of monster typhoon Yolanda, according to a statement in the U.S. embassy website.

U.S. will also be sending members of the USAID Disaster Assistance and Response Team to assess the situation. There will also be support for surface maritime search and rescue (SAR), medium-heavy helicopter lift support, fixed-wing lift support, among others.

The United Nations’ World Food Programme meanwhile released $2 million or about P86 million and vowed to appeal for more funds to help feed thousands of families affected by typhoon Yolanda.

“As a preliminary measure, 40 metric tons of fortified biscuits are due to be flown in from Dubai in the coming days. High Energy Biscuits are often provided in the early days of a crisis as they are light to transport and do not need cooking,” WFP said in a statement.

The UN food arm however noted that its local emergency food stock needs to be replenished, following its assistance efforts during the earthquake in Bohol and Zamboanga siege.

If you can send your donations to the UN, please do so to assist the homeless.

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