Comedy: Audacious driver pretends he’s a Ferrari owner… by placing CARDBOARD replica on his tiny hatchback

(Cardboard Ferrari1)

(Cardboard Ferrari1)

This is so hilarious, you’d call it art.

An audacious driver makes a hilarious attempt at convincing the world he’s a Ferrari owner – by making a replica of the sportscar out of CARDBOARD.

Benedetto Bufalino is used to driving around France in his pint-sized Aixam city car.

But he decided to transform the little motor into his own replica of the iconic 1980s Ferrari, the Testarossa.

However, instead of spending months tirelessly recreating the Testarossa’s sleek bodywork using metal, Benedetto opted for flattened cardboard boxes.

Instead of the Testarossa’s 4.9-litre, 390bhp engine – which gave it a top speed of 180mph – the imitation motor is capable of just 45mph.

Benedetto, who is known for his wacky artwork having once turned a police car into a chicken hut, drove the car around Lyon.

So what do you think of his work?

(Cardboard Ferrari2)

(Cardboard Ferrari2)

(Cardboard Ferrari3)

(Cardboard Ferrari3)

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