Accident: Fire At Katako Market In Jos



Fire swept through the market at an alarming rate killing the hopes of many and people too.

The chairman appealed to PlateauState government to assist the traders, some of whom he said lost everything.

“Many have lost everything they laboured for all their lives,” he added.
Mr. Musa Ishaka, a victim, who described the incident as a “massive disaster,” called on the government to come to their assistance as they had no one else to turn to.

Mrs. Juni Dabin, a representative of the State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA, who visited the scene, expressed shock over the massive destruction and prayed against a recurrence.

She said that SEMA had assessed the damage and would send a report to the Plateau Government.
She said: “We shall do everything within our powers to cushion the effect of the disaster.”
Eyewitnesses’ accounts

Another eyewitness blamed the fire on an electrical spark after power was restored around 9.30p.m.

The witness said: “There was a spark from an electric pole after electricity supply was restored. It dropped on inflammable item on the ground, which ignited the fire adding.

“Within seconds of the spark, the whole place was covered with smoke and then fire.”

Another said it took the fire service and concerned members of the public several hours to bring the fire under control.

The eyewitness said several residents, that were attracted by the siren of the fire service and the blazing fire, which lit up the night, rallied to contain the fire which was eventually brought under control at about midnight.

Mahmud, a second hand clothing seller, told Vanguard: “Many residents came out to assist the fire people because the fire was spreading rapidly. They helped in getting more water.

“The cooperation of the people helped to ensure that the fire did not spread to other parts of the market.”

Many of the victims were seen going through the rubble of their shops, yesterday morning, and lamenting their losses.

One of them, Yahaya Mohammad, said he lost several bags of maize and beans to the fire. He said he also lost money he had hoped to take to the bank.

The Director of Fire Service in the state, Mr. Michael Dung, had in a recent interview with Vanguard, warned the people to be safety-conscious in view of increased incidents of fire during the harmattan.

It is becoming a re-occurring incident in that market.

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