Odd: Baby for Sale

A baby has apparently been offered for sale on a website in Brazil for £270 because the mother claims it cries too much.

The advertisement, which police say was unlikely to be genuine and which was eventually removed for breaching the site’s terms and conditions, said the baby was on offer for one thousand Brazilian reais (£270).

A picture of the baby was uploaded to online market website OLX along with the description: “Cries a lot, won’t let me sleep and I need to go to work.”

The poster identified a Vinícius Félix and offered a contact number in the suburb of the central Brazil city of Goiania. Calls to the number were not being answered.

OLX is an online site for buying and selling goods and services.

The advert was posted on Tuesday and remained up for 24 hours before it was removed by the site administrators for breaching the rules and regulations.

Marcela Orçai, the detective in charge of child protection leading the investigation, said the advertisement was likely a hoax and the name and address the poster submitted did not exist.

Police say they are monitoring the website and the suburb where the alleged child lives.

Its Parker baby
BBM: 275B9C0D
Mail: nonsoosaji@gmail.com
Twitter :


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