Odd: Police in Lincolnshire investigate £60,000 found in river

(Money Found)

(Money Found)

An abuse of currency, read on

Police have appealed for information, a month after tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of bank notes were found floating in a Lincolnshire river.

Police said the cash – which was found by a dog walker – was valued at around £60,000. A large amount was damaged, they said, but a good quantity appears to be in fair condition.

It was found in the South Drove Drain near Spalding town centre, on 25 October.

Detective Constable Steve Hull, of Spalding CID, said: “It isn’t everyday that an amount of money like this is found and somebody must have information that will help the police trace the lawful owner. I would be grateful to hear from people who have genuine information to pass on to me.”

Hmmmm, information about money passed on… Okai..

Police intend to consult with the Bank of England to help formally inspect the money.

They are also considering detailed forensic examination and have been granted a seizure order by the Magistrates Court to investigate where it came from.

For now the cash will remain with the police until the investigation is complete. If the money cannot be reunited with a legitimate owner then it will become the subject of a further court forfeiture order.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Lincolnshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 154 of 25/10/13. Police reminded the public that any claimant must have evidence of ownership.

I can only imagine different scenarios if this happens here.. Make we leave laugh for later *pidgin thingz*

(scene where the money was found)

(scene where the money was found)

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