Tech: Hammacher Schlemmer announces No Glasses 3D tablet

3D might be a medium that’s hit or miss at best for popularity. But Hammacher Schlemmer isn’t giving up as it brings an 8-inch 3D LCD tablet to market. And in case it’s rare talent wasn’t clear the tablet is going to be named No Glasses 3D.

The No Glasses 3D tablet will work in both 2D and 3D modes on the 8-inch screen that outputs 1280 x 800 resolution. Using a parallax layer on the screen it is able to deliver two different images to each eye, presumably when held just so. Hammacher Schlemmer claims it’ll deliver 3D “without uncomfortable, colour distorting lenses”.

The tablet itself comes with 16GB of internal storage plus SDHC support for a further 32GB. With large 3D movie files that will probably be needed. The tablet can also recognise the difference between 2D and 3D footage to display it correctly. It will even upscale 2D movies for 3D playback.

No Glasses 3D comes with Android 4.1 OS, 2-megapixel and 0.3-megepixel cameras, Bluetooth and a wireless keyboard case. The battery should give between five and seven hours on a two hour charge.

While the power isn’t mentioned and other specs seem lacklustre, if you’re a 3D fan but don’t like wearing glasses this might be the tablet for you. It’s on sale now for $350 (£215). 
That’s about 56,000 Naira only…

Some fee right.

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