Tech: Smart Shoes to improve how you Run

Wanna Run Faster or Smarter?

Wearable kit is going to be the norm soon with all our daily movements recorded and fed back to us. While this is good for fitness, the more you move the more you increase your chance of injury. That’s why the Runfaster project aims to develop smart shoes that will learn how you run and help you improve your technique.

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, who work in five other European countries, have developed a Runsafer smart running shoe. The idea is to learn how a person runs so as to offer accurate feedback for improvement, ultimately cutting down the chance of injury.

The Runsafer show will have integrated sensors for G force, direction, speed, force of impact and surface hardness. All that combined should give a very accurate picture of your running style as well as creating huge potential for even more details in running apps.

The shoe will send data to your smartphone using Bluetooth. That data will also be sent to a cloud based computer centre which further analyses your data. Then you will be fed back personalised tips to help you run better, safer and more efficiently.

A release date or price for the shoe have not been announced. We wouldn’t be surprised if the technology is adopted by a big name company. Nike and Adidas we’re looking at you.

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