Linda Ikeji gives away N1.5m to Fans & Readers

Renowned blogger and celebrity, Linda Ikeji is giving out 1.5million Naira to fans and Readers of her blog.

Read her post below
“I’m giving 10 LIB readers N100,000 each this weekend, that still stands, but I’ve decided to throw in an additional N500,000 so more people can benefit from this. I read your comments and I received quite a number of emails and twitter messages from people who shared their struggles with me. Some of them brought tears to my eyes. Some people were not even asking for N100k, they wanted as little as N10k or N20k. At first I was like, what’s N20k going to do for anyone? Then I thought to myself, this time three years ago, I would have also appreciated getting N20k.

So I’ve decided to give N20,000 to 25 LIB readers, that’s how the additional N500k will be shared.

To get the N100k here’s what we are going to. Tell me what you think is the top 5 most commented posts on LIB since I started the blog. I will pick the first nine correct answers. If I pick you, someone will call you and you will meet me for lunch this weekend where I will hand over the cheques. If you don’t live in Lagos, the money will be sent to your account.

To get the N20k, you have to be a student. Just tell me what N20k can help you solve this Christmas. If I pick you someone will call you and ask for your account details.

And for those saying why not give the money to charity instead of your readers, well, I sponsor a charity organization and I give to them regularly, so I’ve got that covered.

Please do not send your answers via email, I will only pick winners from comments on this post.”

Those are her words, so tell her how you think 20k can help you this christmas or tell her one of her most commented posts since the inception of her blog and you win.

Click the link below to get to the win.

Its easy, I’m a blogger but who says I can’t get a cheque from a big sis grins.

Its Parker baby
BBM: 275B9C0D
Twitter :


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