Sports: Liverpool’s Luis Suarez Racing to Make Premier League History


The Premier League’s top striker has six goals in his last two matches, 12 goals in his last seven contests and 14 goals in only 10 total appearances all season. After getting a bit of a delayed start to the season, Uruguayan Luis Suarez put on a Reds shirt and ran past everyone in England’s top flight.

With Liverpool second and Suarez top, it is time to pay special attention to this rather special player.

Suarez’s nearest competition in the league is fellow South American Sergio Aguero. In four extra appearances, Aguero has managed two fewer goals. As ludicrous as it sounds, Aguero’s four goals in his past four Premier League matches have not been good enough to match Suarez’s blistering pace. A goal per game is simply below the Uruguayan’s current form.

After providing his opponents with a head start, Suarez is scoring at such a rate that the top strikers in his league, well, are not in his league. He has twice as many goals as Manchester United’s Robin Van Persie and Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud, and he has appeared in fewer matches than either. He hurdled up the charts past in-form aces such as Romelu Lukaku, Loic Remy and Wayne Rooney.

In relation to the field, Suarez’s scoring pace has resembled Usain Bolt sprinting the 100 meters.

Currently, Aguero’s 12 tallies through the first 15 games of the season have him on pace to score 30 goals this season. Considering the Golden Boot was won with 26 goals a season ago and 30 goals two seasons ago, that pace seems high yet reasonable.

To get to 30 goals, Suarez would need to score 16 times in the final 23 outings. Under any circumstances, that would appear a challenging task. However, he is in such tremendous form that numbers and projections sound unbelievable.

With the Premier League season 40 percent complete and the Uruguayan having 14 goals thus far, he is on pace to finish with 35 goals this season – that would shatter the current record.

Of course, he missed the first five matches due to suspension, so his scoring projection should be adjusted. After shortening the 38-match league by five matches, Suarez has 14 goals through 30 percent of his 33-match season. If he were to somehow continue this absolutely mad pace, he would finish the season with 46 goals, which would shatter the 38-game Premier League record of 31 held by Alan Shearer and Cristiano Ronaldo. Even players in La Liga do not score that many goals – save for the 2011-12 season, of course.

History suggests that Suarez’s pace should slow considerably. Still, the point should not be lost that this 26-year-old is currently displaying form that may result in a scoring season the likes of which has never before been seen in England. With Liverpool only involved in domestic play this season, Suarez has the opportunity to focus on the league and avoid injury due to overplay.

History is quick to point out that he will go through a scoring drought and return to the pack, but what if he doesn’t?



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