5 facts about Mikhail Khodorkovsky you probably don’t know

Mikhail Khodorkovsky was, at one time, Russia’s richest man.

He was the head of Yukos Oil, which was the country’s biggest oil exporter before it went bankrupt in 2003.

(1) He used to own Chelsea football club.

(2) As deputy head of the youth communist movement, Komsomol, he was in charge of making sure other students came to Party meetings and of excluding them if they had a bad attitude, which sometimes meant kicking them out of university for good.

(3) He once said: “I realize now that my parents hated the Soviet government, but they shielded me from this, thinking that to do otherwise would be to ruin my life.”

(4) When Khodorkovsky was first arrested, Moscow’s stock market was closed for the first time ever for an hour to make sure stable trading prices collapsed.

(5) An Estonian composer wrote a symphony and dedicated it to an imprisoned Khodorkovsky. The symphony premiered in 2009 in L.A.



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