Dprince’s Alleged N13M Coupe Benz Bought By Girlfriend Was Cooked Up Whistle Blowers Call Her Out.


Inorie Fotso hear she has taken pictures with a few celebrities and it was suggested to her that if she puts it out there with picture evidence to link herself with some celeb,her career will jump start.

When she slipped the story out,no one knew until the very friends who advised her to do it,saw it and decided to set
the records straight.

They called NY based Emma Agu and blew the whistle on Inorie who is presently in hiding. Please how the story came up that Inorie bought D’prince a car.

The story was broken in Print and I broke it Online

Now Read Emma Agu story and how he knows Inorie set up
the story.


”When a man works hard to get what he
rightly earned, we are duty bound to
applaud and celebrate the achievement.
We should not in feverish haste, publish
stories that will not only belittle those who work hard, it is morally wrong to ascribe a good deed to those whose intention might be evil.

Let us give honor to those who truly deserves it. Like the holy Bible says-‘a man’s talent maketh a way for him’.

I was completely nonplused after I read
the above story published in various
tabloids in Nigeria. Why the story caught my attention was because the lady in question is a good friend of mine and one who has benefited from me in the past-publicity wise.

The entire story that she bought a Mercedes Benz for D’Prince is a slap on the face of the entire musicians in
Nigeria. Subsequently, I have issues with it and for now, I will keep friendship aside to trash this story to the a garbage bin, where it truly belongs.

I spoke with the original publishers of the above mentioned story, Azuh Arinze and German based Blogger, Stella Dimoko-Korkus to set the record straight. The story from my own stand point , is not only a malicious deception, but devilish and a cheap way to make a name with the sweat of another hard working man.

I find it hard to really say something here because the lady in question is a personal friend of mine, however, my responsibility to the public is to say the truth no matter whose ox is being gored.

It brings one no joy to call her out publicly, somebody who is a personal friend and one who looks up to me as her mentor. All attempt to hear her own side of the story failed since her phone is currently switched off.

I sincerely hope somebody out there is not manipulating her and packaging false story using a photo she took with D’Prince the last the time the young man came to New York, to get

I know she’s in dire need of publicity to
promote her single titled ‘Tonite’, if her
publicist thinks this is the way to go, it is rather unfortunate. She is being misled, the end result might spell doom to her career.

When I got calls from her friends last night concerning this story, I played it down saying she may not be the one behind it. I was told If she does’t have anything to do with this story, why in heavens name would she post it on her Facebook wall.

There’s no way in hell this young
upcoming actress cum singer could
possibly buy a car for D’Prince. Trust this writer when I say so. I live in New York City and can say this much, the Lady in question, a mother of one is a good woman still struggling to find her way in life.

I know some folks reading this now might probably say-“didn’t I warn you about this babe”? – I am giving her a benefit of doubt on this subject matter till I hear from her.

Lastly, I will not spare a hard knock on
some of our artist and popular actors who visit America and allow their photos to be taken by those who turn around to use them to make cheap names.

A word is enough for the wise!
Entertainment business is an original
business. You give out what you have.
Your talent will make way for you.

There’s no two ways about it. Trust me, if you don’t have it, you try a short cut to earn a name, the end result will leave you devastated for the rest of your entire life.

Emma Agu is a New York based Musician-Founder-Nigerian FM and Iktune Ny/Owner of Mb5 HD Studio,New York City.


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