Shina Rambo to quit Music?

During a QnA with twitter fans and followers, James Ndubuisi popularly known as Ndu asked about people they think should quit Music.

Sina Rambo’s name was top on the list.

Sina Rambo was signed unto Davido’s HKN record label when he dropped his debut video, Ijo Sina featuring Davido.

He then went on to release Mujo, E No Reach, Sisi Eko and others that failed to be on people’s playlist.

Nigerians seem not to like Sina’s songs
as he’s been advised to quit music.

What a harsh World?

Sina Rambo was first featured on label mate, Daivdo’s
single; “Overseas”, on the OBO Genesis album.

We should not be too quick to push him out. He believes he has something to give all Nigerians.

Let us give the brother a chance.


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