Abuse: Internet sensation Rapper Young QC kills his mother for life insurance money.

Flossing is allowed When you earn the cash legally and not by killing.

Chicago actor, rapper and internet sensation Young QC has been arrested and charged by Chicago police for orchestrating the murder of his own mother in late 2011.

The police say Young QC wanted fame and money so much that he paid thugs to kill his mum, who was a successful business owner in Chicago, (She owned a hair salon called Nappy Hairs Salon) so he could cash out on 2 life insurance money and her money in the bank.

Authorities say Wilson hired 22-year-old Eugene Spencer of the 6100 block of South Rockwell Street to murder his mother and 23-year-old Loriana Johnson of the 300 block of East 131st Place, drove the getaway car.

Back in April of 2013, an anonymous Chicago News Report reader blew this case wide open when he or she revealed that Yolanda Holmes’ son, Qawmane Wilson, hired someone to kill his mother.

Eight months later, Wilson was arrested.

Some time after his mother’s death, Wilson videotaped himself going to a local Chase bank, withdrawing thousands of dollars, and throwing the money in the street.

One word to describe him….

His Instagram Username is youngqc. Facebook fan page: Young QC.

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