Auto: Cars to be Equipped with Mandatory Black Boxes on 1st Sept. 2014

You have probably heard about the forthcoming automotive black boxes. These “automotive data recorders” are able to let government and insurance personnel determine the conditions leading up to an accident. Whether you like this idea or not, pretty soon, it’s going to be mandatory in all cars. As of September 1, 2014, 100 percent of new cars and trucks will be required to be equipped with this feature.

It should be noted that 96 percent of new cars have this feature. It is more of a pleasantry for most car companies, and the new regulation would effect the four percent that do not yet have an automotive data recorder.

Sure, this automotive black box thing may seem like a case of Big Brother getting all up in your business, but remember; you can always buy an older car. Event data recorders have been in use since the 1970s, but mostly in the trucking industry. Through the years, more and more consumer automakers jumped on board, and while you might be skeptical, it will help get to the bottom of what caused an accident.

Our thought is, if this gets rid of the “he said-she said” aspect of accidents. Time and resources wasted by insurance companies will go down, and potentially insurance rates will go down.

So get ready for the Big Brother of Cars


2 thoughts on “Auto: Cars to be Equipped with Mandatory Black Boxes on 1st Sept. 2014

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