Minister of Aviation ‘Stella Oduah’ in MBA Scandal after School denies her Certificate

Scandals come and go but it seems the Aviation Minister is on top of things for the year 2014.

In 2011, Politicians submitted their résumé to the Nigerian Senate as ministerial nominees.

The Aviation Minister highlighted in her résumé that she was awarded a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Saint Paul’s College, Virginia, USA.

Sahara Reporters recently contacted the Office of the President of the College. It was revealed that the school in its 125-year history has never had a graduate school or program.

Hmmm, So na Part-time she do?

All traces of her Educational background has been wiped off the her Wikipedia Page.

Different News portals have tried to reach her but all efforts have proven futile.

Yakubu Datti, the spokesperson of the aviation agencies, revealed he was not aware of the allegation against the minister, but disclosed that there were recent attempts by the minister and her team to revise her profiles on the web and clean any reference to St Paul’s College.

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