‘Burn Notice’ star Seth Peterson leaves Pregnant Wife of 12 years for 23-year-old girlfriend he met through Twitter

Seth n Gf

Embattled “Burn Notice” actor Seth Peterson has agreed to attend mediation in his divorce amid damaging reports he left his pregnant wife for a 23-year-old aspiring horror writer, well placed sources told the Daily News.

Wife Kylee Cochran, 39, filed for divorce last month claiming Peterson, 43, bailed on their 12-year marriage in September to shack up with new girlfriend Miranda Doerfler, TMZ.com first reported.

Ensuing reports focused on Doerfler’s incessant social media posts about the married, soon-to-be father of three – and Peterson tried some damage control.

“My wife has withdrawn her file for divorce and decided to mediate,” he wrote on Twitter Monday, calling the split “amicable.”
“What he stated on Twitter is not accurate,” once source close to the situation told The News Thursday. “What’s filed is filed.”
The source said Cochran, now seven months pregnant, is “definitely” moving full steam ahead.

Indeed, she’s the one who set up “multiple” appointments to meet with a mediator last year, hoping to reach a private and quiet divorce settlement, but Peterson “continuously cancelled,” sources said.

Cochran only filed her divorce paperwork Dec. 13 because she felt it necessary to get the ball rolling, the sources said.

When the filing went public, Peterson agreed to make mediation a priority and not miss another appointment.

“Hopefully he will follow through,” one source said, because Cochran’s “main concern is and always has been the safety, privacy and protection of (their) children.”

The couple married in 2001. They share a son, Lennon, and a daughter, Fenix.
Sources said Cochran doesn’t want a legal battle because she’d due to give birth in two months and needs to “keep the stress level down” to continue a “healthy pregnancy.”

Peterson announced his divorce on Twitter Oct. 15, and Doerfler retweeted the post.
The two met through Twitter while she lived in New York and corresponded for months, bonding over Peterson’s poetry and their shared love of zombies.

“Okay. Officially. Seth Peterson and I are a couple,” Doerfler wrote on Facebook Dec. 3.

“I thought he was married…Or is ‘was’ the operative term here?” one of her followers asked.

“Lol, yeah. Was,” Doerfler reply.

“As long as you are happy, that’s the most important thing to me and dad,” her mom wrote in reply to the Facebook

“Thanks mom,” Doerfler replied. “That means a lot to me.”

Wow, even parents support this. I wonder what would have happened if it were her parents marriage that was under fire.



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