Disaster: Stampede leaves 18 Dead in India


A stampede killed at least 18 people in a large crowd gathered to pay last respects to a religious leader on Saturday in India, official news agency Press Trust of India reported.

The pandemonium, which injured 60 more people, started after the gates were closed to the residence of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, who had died the day before at age 102, reported.

Burhanuddin was the head of a denomination of Islam known as Dawoodi Bohra.

This is not the first time India ha seen deadly stampedes kill dozens at religious ceremonies.

In October at least 115 died , when Hindu pilgrims crossing a bridge to a temple broke into a panic, as a rumor spread that the bridge was about to give way.

About 25,000 people were on the bridge at the time, and many jumped off it into the Sindh River.

In February, at least 36 died at a stampede at a train station , as millions of people clamored to get to the Ganges River for a Hindu religious festival.

Guess they have to be careful when they have religious activities like this.

May the Soul of the dead Rest In Peace.


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