Nigerian Gays To Protest In Abuja


Now everyone has been going on for the past 10 days about the Anti-Gay bill signed by President Jonathan.

Latest reports say a protest is to be held in Abuja.

The protest is against the anti-gay law signed by the president.

They added to the statement the masked pictures of themselves noting they were protesting against an “undemocratic and unlawful discrimination” of gays and lesbians and trans-genders in the country.

The demonstration in Abuja, they said, has become necessary to condemn what they call “an increase in threats against fundamental human rights of certain persons including LGBT in the country.”

According to the group, they also want to challenge the existence of the Nigeria human rights body, the National Human Right Commission “for its lack of integrity and principle in the fight against discrimination and violation of individual rights.”

The group said many Nigerians have in the past fled the country due to threats to life and harassment in their communities.

Those who have fled include Alimi Bisi, Philip Temidayo Adabayo, Desmond Patric, Nkechi Ugo, Lara Abiodun Akinniyi, Simeon Demola Adesanmi, Penu K. Z.

“The planning for the unviolent rally is to avert the continuous attacking of the unarmed citizens and the unlawful and arbitrary arrest of wanted individuals,” the group said.


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